Making more of your charging stations

Over the next few years, electric vehicle chargers will become an increasingly common sight on car parks across the country.

Chargers are rapidly moving from a ‘nice to have’ to an essential part of your parking infrastructure, but they can do so much more for a business than simply allowing visitors to top up their vehicle.

Electric car at a charger

Build loyalty

By supplying effective and reliable EV charging your car park becomes a recognisable location for drivers looking for places to recharge their car when they’re not at home.

As infrastructure builds up over time motorists are going to need places to recharge and getting a foot in the door early can help them to associate your business with convenient charging. Coupled with other services this can go a long way to building customer loyalty and encouraging repeat visits.

Boost revenue

Whenever you add a new service to your car park, you potentially create a new opportunity to generate revenue. Visitors to a car park will pay for charging if you can provide a solution that allows them to do this simply and conveniently. It can be a fantastic new revenue channel for your site whilst providing customers and guests with a service that supports them.

Increase footfall

Recharging a battery takes longer than refilling a petrol tank. However, this does present an opportunity to capitalise on the added time visitors will spend on your car park.

By tying your charging infrastructure into a loyalty app, you can provide EV drivers with exclusive offers and discounts relevant to your site. Not only does this help maintain and reward loyalty, but it can drive additional visitors to your site, boosting footfall and subsequently lifting revenue.

Support changing customer need

EV chargers represent a changing landscape. People are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment, prompting them to look at new ways of travelling.

Chargers are a way of showing the users of your car park you’re committed to greener ways of thinking and provides an opportunity to promote CSR initiatives. CSR, or corporate social responsibility, is a great way to appeal to potential new customers by aligning with the things that matter to them.

Woman plugging in her electric vehicle

Ensure availability

EV chargers will be a decisive part of your car park as the number of electric vehicles on the road increases. A charging bay should be treated like any other priority space on your car park. Disabled bays and parent and child spaces have a specific purpose, if they’re misused, the level of inconvenience it causes to legitimate users is the same as the dedicated space not being there in the first place.

Putting a solution in place that allows you to protect those spaces can be the difference between having available spaces on your car park or having frustrated customers that are unable to park safely, conveniently, or recharge their vehicle.

Woman operating an electric car

Helping you get your car park ready for the future

Electric charging stations are more than a ‘nice to have’ addition to your car park. They are rapidly becoming an integral part of the way we park.  They allow your business to meet customer needs in new ways whilst accessing a wealth of new services.

Evology Charging allows your business to capitalise in ways you’ve never seen before, from patented technology that protects your chargers to intuitive ways to pay. Our unique charging solutions can help improve footfall, lift revenue, and build increasing loyalty amongst your customers.

To find out more about how we can help your car park get ready for the future of motoring, get in touch using the form below.