Fast, reliable, and easily accessed

There’s a gradual shift in the way we’re all getting around, with more people choosing to make the switch to fully electric cars. That means we need more places to plug in and top up our batteries.

There’s going to be an estimated 9 million additional electric vehicles on British roads by 2030. For that many new vehicles to be catered for there needs to be a major change in the country’s charging infrastructure. It’s time to stay ahead of the curve and make that change as easy as possible.

Our Evology Charger is designed to make sure you can find a charger when you need it, without any pesky drivers leaving their non-EV car in the way, and then we make paying for your charging really easy. You just plug in, tap your card to get started, and then tap it again later to stop.

The only way it would be easier is if we plugged your car in for you.

What makes Evology charging tick?

We’ve got everything you need for a quick and easy EV charging session.

  1. Easy-to-use chargers

    No more confusing chargers or convoluted workarounds.

  2. Tap & Go payments

    Tap & go payments so there’s no fuss or faffing about.

  3. Protected chargers

    Chargers are protected, so you can use them when you need them.

  4. AC & DC

    We even do AC and DC chargers so we can cater to as many different vehicle types as possible.

How does it work?

Evology Charging is designed to make parking and re-charging your electric vehicle simple and stress-free. We understand that the perfect charging experience comes down to three key things, availability, speed, and ease. We’ve kept those things in mind when we created our chargers.


Evology Charging makes topping up your battery when you’re out and about easy. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a car park, finding a charging spot and a petrol car is using the space. We protect our charging spaces to make sure you can use them when you need to.

Rapid charging

It naturally takes longer to recharge a battery than it does to fill up a petrol tank. This doesn’t mean that recharging needs to be slow. Our chargers are perfect for topping up your battery while you’re shopping, eating, or just getting on with your day. We’re able to let you stay on the move without any unnecessary waiting around.

Easy to use

A lot of charging sites need you to sign into an app, register payment details and go through a load of verification processes before you can start charging. If you’re heading to a meeting or you’re just in a rush, you sometimes don’t have the time. We’re using simple tap-and-go technology, like what you see on mass transit systems like the London Underground.

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Are electric cars more expensive to buy?
    They can be, they’re still a relatively new technology but prices are decreasing with many experts believing the cost of a new electric car will be similar to their petrol counterpart by the mid 2020s. There are government grants available to help with the costs, you can find out more here.
  • What are the running costs for an electric vehicle like?
    Like with most cars running costs will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but a few common traits are that charging is often cheaper than refuelling at a petrol station and because of how electric cars are built there are fewer moving parts in the engine. This tends to mean that they have cheaper servicing costs.