Frequently asked questions

  • What is Evology autopay and what does it mean for me?
    Evology autopay is going to be our brand-new name for good2go. The website will have a new look and your good2go account will simply be renamed as an Evology autopay account. All funds in your account will remain and the website will work in the same way. You’ll also be able to access your Evology autopay account through our new Evology app, which can be downloaded in the Apple app or Google play stores.

    Over the coming weeks, we’ll be changing the website with the new branding and we’ll also be updating signage in car parks with the Evology autopay name. That’s it! The great service you’ve always received will remain the same and you can contact us in the same ways you have before.
  • How do I cancel my Evology Autopay account?
    Why would you want to do that? You can cancel your account by completing the contact form available here. Make sure you clearly state that you want to cancel your autopay account. Our Customer Services team will aim to complete your cancellation request within 5 working days.
  • Do you provide receipts and statements?
    Yes, the SMS text message confirming your parking stay acts as your receipt, as do the email confirmations and receipts and statements can also printed off or exported through your account when you login here.
  • How do I know how much parking has cost?
    If you choose to receive SMS messages from us, then after each parking stay, we’ll send you a text which will confirm your stay and the amount you’ll pay. You can also receive email notifications for each parking stay and monthly email statements. You can track all your activities and payments by logging into your account on the app.
  • In addition to the parking charges, are there any other charges for using Evology Autopay?
    In addition to the parking charges, a Billing Processing Fee may be incurred, and an SMS Notification Fee may be applicable if you’ve opted to receive SMS alerts.
  • Can I register more than one vehicle for a Evology Autopay account?
    Yes, you can. You can register up to four vehicles under one account for Evology Autopay.
  • How will you take payment from me?
    You have a couple of choices for making payment. You can set up your account so that payments for each stay are debited automatically using your card details. Or you can create a top-up account where you put an amount of money into your account which payment is taken from each time you park. If you choose top-up, you have the options of automatically topping-up your account to stay at a specific balance, automatically topping-up by a specified amount, or manually topping-up.
  • What details will be needed from me?
    Registering for Autopay is really easy to do. We just need a couple of details from you to get set up. We need your name, address, phone number (so you can receive text alerts about your stay), number plate, payment preferences and card details.
  • How does Evology Autopay work?
    Register for the service and when you drive your car into an Evology car park the cameras will recognise your number plate. When you return to your vehicle and drive out of the car park the cameras will again recognise your number plate. The system records the time that you arrived at the car park and the time that you left. The Car Park Operator will calculate the payment that is due for your parking stay and ask Evology to debit the amount from your account. You can choose to receive automated SMS and email messages which will confirm individual payments for parking and can provide monthly statements of activities.
  • How long does it take for a parking fee to be deducted from my account?
    Your account will usually be debited within 72 hours of parking on an Evology car park.
  • When will I start being billed for my parking once I have registered with Evology Autopay?
    As a customer of Evology, your first parking event will be free. You start being charged for your parking from your 2nd stay onwards at any Evology car park.
  • I think I’ve been overcharged, or there’s been an error in payment. Can I get a refund?
    If you think there’s been an error, please get in touch with us using the contact details in the app and we can look into it for you.
  • What payment options are available on the app?
    There are loads of options, all major credit and debit cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay. So, you can pay for parking the way that suits you, using the method you’d be happiest with.
  • I can’t access the app, what do I do?
    If you can’t access the Evology App to pay for parking, you can pay using one of the kiosks in place on the car park, or you can visit this link and fill in a quick form and we can help.
  • Can I extend my parking session?
    Yes, you can, head into the app, find your current booking and you can extend your stay from there.
  • I need to change my payment details, what do I do?
    If you change bank, or need to update your payment information you can do this through the app. Open the app, select Account. Then, go into the Payment Methods section. Here you can make any changes you need to.
  • How do I add more payment options to my account?
    Really easily, just open the Evology App, head into the Account section and under Payment Methods you can add or amend the details that are on there.
  • How long can I book parking for?
    The amount of time you can book parking for on a car park depends on the car park. The maximum amount of time you can book for will be shown in the app.
  • Can I add multiple vehicles to a booking?
    While you can’t add multiple vehicles to the same booking, you can book multiple spaces in the same car park. You just need to make bookings and add the registrations you need to each one.

    If you don’t want loads of vehicle registrations on your account afterwards once your trip is finished, you can remove the registrations by contacting us via email or by using the contact us form on the app.
  • What if I am running late for the start of my booking?
    Whether you’ve overslept or got stuck in traffic it doesn’t matter. Your booking runs from that starting time until the moment your stay is due to end. If you arrive late don’t worry, your booking is still in place, you can also extend it if you need a bit longer at your destination.
  • Do I have a guaranteed space once I’ve pre-booked?
    We’re not able to reserve a specific space on a car park for you. However, we only offer bookings on sites where there are spaces available.
  • How do I get a refund?
    Refunds can take a few days to process but you can request one by reaching out to us through the contact section of the Evology App.
  • How can I change or cancel a booking?
    Yes, in the Account section of the app find the “My Visits” section. Here you can change aspects of future bookings or cancel them if they are no longer needed.
  • How far ahead can I book my parking?
    It’s nice to be able to plan and take some stress out of a journey by knowing your parking is taken care of.

    Depending on the car park you’re booking for you will be able to book anywhere from 30 days up to a year in advance.
  • My car has broken down and my parking has expired what do I do?
    You need to get in touch with us as soon as possible. You can contact us through the Evology App and let us know what’s happened.

    We might need you to send us some proof, like a breakdown report from the AA for example, then we’ll handle the rest.
  • What if there’s no space on the car park?
    If there’s no space on your chosen car park when you arrive, then you can request a refund through the Evology App.

    It might also be worth looking at other nearby locations to potentially book parking there instead.
  • How do I change my vehicle details?
    To update your vehicle details please contact us via email or using the app contact form.
  • Can I change the vehicle I’ve pre-booked with?
    You can track your bookings within the ‘My Visits’ section of the Evology App. Any bookings you’ve made ahead of time can be amended, including changing the registration of the vehicle you want to use.
  • How do I update my account?
    All the details for your account can be accessed and changed in the Account section of the app, different sections will allow you to make changes to different aspects of your account.
  • Can I change my email?
    Yes, you can. Go into the Account section of the app, from there select Personal Information, you can change the contact email associated with your account in there.
  • How do I change my payment options?
    There are several payment options available to you through the Evology App, you can change the payment details linked to your account by going into the Account section of the app and going into Payment Methods.
  • How do I book a space?
    Booking a space is simple. Open the Evology app and look for the location you’d like to park at. Then select the date and time you want to arrive at, and how long you want to be parked for. Then pay for your parking.

    Congratulations, your stay is booked.
  • Where can I find the charge point number of my charging point?
    The ID number for the charger you are using is located on a sticker, you should be able to find this on the label on the side of all chargers. If you have the Evology App, you can also find out all the details for the charger on there.
  • Where can I find charging points?
    Our chargers are all listed on our Evology App. Our infrastructure is growing all the time, be sure to also check Google and services like Zap-Map to find our locations when planning your trips.
  • What charging cards are accepted at our charging stations?
    We don’t accept charging cards at any of our Evology charging stations. Instead, sessions can be started via contactless payments and eventually via our Evology App.
  • What happens if the charger isn’t working?
    If the charger isn’t working please call 0333 3701099 and we can reset the charger remotely.
  • What do I do if my charging cable won’t release?
    There are several things to try to get your charging cable to release:
    • Try locking and unlocking your car this can unlock the cable release
    • Double check that you have tapped to end your charging session
    • Unplug the cable from your car before unplugging from the charger
    • Push the cable towards the socket first, this can trigger the unlocking mechanism

    If the cable still doesn’t release call our helpline on 0333 3701099 to get additional assistance
  • Do I need my own charging cable?
    Sometimes. If you are using Evology’s AC charger you will need to take your own Type 2 charging cable. You won’t need one if you are using one of our DC – 50kW or more charge points.
  • Is it safe to charge my EV in the rain?
    Yes, electric vehicles are designed to charge as safely as possible, you can plug in and begin charging then go find somewhere to dry off and relax while you wait for your battery to top up.
  • Do I need to download the app to charge my car?
    You can download an app, but our chargers use a Tap & Go system. You simply plug in your vehicle, tap your card to begin charging. When you come back later tap your card again to stop charging and process payment. Simple.
  • How long can I stay on a charger?
    Our bays are for charging, and the maximum stay will be clearly displayed on the signage. It varies by location.
  • How long will it take to charge?
    This depends on the car and the charger. The power of the charge point (7.4kW, 22kW, 50kW), your vehicle’s battery size and your charging capacity will determine how long it takes to charge your car.

    Some vehicles are equipped with rapid charging which helps speed up the process, but the majority will be able to recharge fully if left plugged in overnight, a bit like a mobile phone.

    There is a rough guide here:
    Time /kW 7,4 kW 11 kW 22 kW 25 kW
    15 min 8 m 12 m 24 m 27 m
    30 min 16 m 24 m 48 m 55 m
    1 hour 32 m 48 m 96 m 109 m
    2 hour 65 m 96 m 191 m 217 m
    4 hour 80 m 191 m 383 m 435 m
    8 hour 257 m 383 m 475 m 870 m
  • How do I pay for my charging sessions?
    Paying for charging can be done in several ways, giving you the choice of how you manage your charging. This can be done via Tap & Go, a simple contactless payment* when you’re at the charger. Tap to start a charging session, then again to end and release your charging cable.

    *We accept all major debit cards, credit cards, google pay, apple pay
  • How much will it cost to charge my car?
    Our tariff is displayed on the payment screen or via the app. The overall cost for your charging will then depend on how long you’re using the bay for.
  • Why am I seeing £30 charge on my statement?
    When you pay by contactless card, a pre-authorisation amount of £30 is reserved on your card. The amount is cleared within 24 of your charging session.
  • How do I get a VAT receipt?
    Getting your VAT receipt is easy, simply scan the QR code on screen/the charger, follow the instructions on your phone and it’s emailed to you. Alternatively, you can do this online...

    VAT Reciept
  • How do I get additional help?
    We have a dedicated helpline number, if you need extra assistance please call: 0333 3701099
  • What are the running costs for an electric vehicle like?
    Like with most cars running costs will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but a few common traits are that charging is often cheaper than refuelling at a petrol station and because of how electric cars are built there are fewer moving parts in the engine. This tends to mean that they have cheaper servicing costs.
  • Are electric cars more expensive to buy?
    They can be, they’re still a relatively new technology but prices are decreasing with many experts believing the cost of a new electric car will be similar to their petrol counterpart by the mid 2020s. There are government grants available to help with the costs, you can find out more here.
  • Where should I install an electric vehicle charger?
    EV chargers are weatherproof so can easily be installed in your car park.
  • Do I need permission to install an electric car charger?
    In most cases you don’t, if you’re renting you should check with your landlord first, and if you live in a listed building you should check with the relevant authorities to see what your options are.
  • How much will it cost my business to install an electric charger?
    Depending on your site and specifications, our Evology chargers can actually be put in the ground free of charge. We have a range of bespoke options to suit every business.