The easiest way to find and pay for parking

Transforming how you travel and pay

When you go to a car park it’s always on your way to somewhere else. We get it, you just want to sort your parking and get on with the rest of your day.

You need options, and we’re here to give them to you. There’s less stress when you’re paying for parking when you can manage your stay the way you want.


What if you could easily find and pay for a parking space in advance? That’s exactly what Evology pre-booking lets you do.

Why Evology Pre-booking?

  1. Easily find & book parking

    Easily find, book and park in over 1000 spaces across the UK, with more being added all the time

  2. Available spaces, when you need them

    We work with car park owners to ensure that when you book a space with us you can rest assured its available when you get there – What’s more, we don’t overbook car parks

  3. Payment options to suit you

    We make it easier to pay with more options than anyone else & have secure payments with all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay

  4. Support when you need it

    We’re on hand to help if you need help with the app or your parking

Pre-booking made easy...

  1. Open the Evology Parking App
  2. Search for a car park
  3. Select the length of your stay
  4. Pay for your parking

Evology Autopay

Imagine just being able to drive on and off a car park, no stress, or queues, safe in the knowledge you’ve only paid for the time you need, and you didn’t have to lift a finger. That’s Evology Autopay.

Quick, easy, and minimal fuss

  1. No more queues

    No more queues or trying to find a payment kiosk

  2. Streamline your journeys

    Take the stress and unknown out of your journeys by planning your parking & stops in advance

  3. Get the trip you want

    Never worry about having to extend a stay or cut a trip short again

  4. You stay in control

    You stay in control, being able to set the way you account and payment works

Evology Autopay

Quick, easy, minimal fuss

  1. Open the Evology Parking App
  2. Register for Evology Autopay
  3. Park like you normally would
  4. Payment is deducted automatically when you leave

Frequently Asked Questions...