Protecting spaces with Evology Access


Everyone is entitled to park their car in the place that’s best for them.

Depressingly, 80% of the priority spaces on UK car parks get abused, with people parking in Blue Badge, parent & child and EV spaces that don’t need to use them.

That means that when you’d benefit from that space instead you have to wait, go somewhere else or park somewhere that isn’t suited to your needs.

We decided to do something about that.

Meet Evology Access

We’re helping you to park in the places that make sense.

If you need more space to get the kids in and out of the car, or more room for wheelchair access, or somewhere to plug in and top up your EV battery, we’re there. We’re helping protect those spaces so the people that benefit from them actually can.

That means better accessibility, easier charging, safer parking, extra space and just a generally nicer experience when you’re on a car park.

We’re also making it so you can register with Evology Access, meaning you can park in those priority spaces without needing to worry about validating your parking somewhere, so you can park up and get on with your stay.

How we do it

It’s really simple, in the past those spaces were only kept safe if there was basically someone there keeping an eye on them.

So, we made a bollard that does that for us.

This can sit at different bays and helps car parks to check that the people using certain spaces are actually supposed to be there.


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