8 Reasons to choose Evology

1. Forward Thinking

We love a good idea. Good ideas often push us towards where we’d like to go. We monitor how car parks are used, how people interact with services and how travel is evolving. Watching those trends emerge helps us see what’s on the horizon and lets us design the tools and technology that are going to help people going forward.

2. Variety

Looking forward leads to lots of ideas, which means variety. We love variety, we love being able to deliver different ways to charge, park, pay and get around. Things that let you take a trip your way, do what’s most comfortable and easiest for you, and take some of the stress out of travel, whether that’s a big road trip or the commute to work.

3. Reliability

It’s just nice when things work isn’t it? Making sure you can rely on everything Evology does is important. That’s why we have 24/7 monitoring and remote maintenance in place. We’re able to make sure that you can use everything you need on a car park, we’ve got incredibly high uptime, which means when you arrive on a car park we support, you’ll be able to use it properly.

4. Speed

From our Evology Chargers providing rapid charging, to being able to pay quickly using contactless technology or an online portal, we want to make sure people aren’t waiting around. The sooner you can get on with the rest of your journey or avoid queues when you could be doing what you set out to do, the better.

5. Technology

Tech is always fascinating, which is why we keep an eye on anything and everything we could use to help make our services better, our products stronger and help you to get around easier. We use the latest and most up-to-date technology to help futureproof everything we do.

6. Easy-to-use

We like to keep things simple to make life easier for everyone. Whether that’s Tap&Go payment technology on our chargers, a mix of ways to pay or really intuitive apps, we want everyone to be able to get the most out of our services they can.

7. Support when you need it

If you ever have questions about the service you’re using or need some extra help we have a specialist customer support system where you can talk to someone on the phone. Just check the signage on the charger or around the car park to get the number for our dedicated helpline.

8. Focused on your journey

This might sound like a lot of reasons to use Evology, but they all boil down to a single focus. We want to make people’s journeys better. Commuting, road trips, meeting up with friends, whatever the reason for travelling, we want to take out the stress, remove the queues and make getting to where you need to a faster and more pleasant experience.

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