Everything you wanted to know about EV charging

While the number of electric vehicles on the road is rising, there are still questions around EV charging that need to be answered. We’ve pulled together some of the more frequent questions we’ve come across to try and help.

What is range anxiety?

Range anxiety is the name given to the worry people have about the distance their EV can cover in a single charge, especially when driving in an area where chargers are harder to come by. As electric vehicles develop, the range is increasing. It’s now possible to travel hundreds of miles without worrying about recharging. As cars develop and the level of infrastructure to support EVs increases, range anxiety and worrying about being able to find and use a charger should become a thing of the past.

Are EV charging cables universal?

If you’re considering an EV, you might be worried about having the correct cable for your charger. Instead of flashbacks to trying to charge a phone when everyone had different makes and chargers, the process is really simple. Basic charging is done through the same type of cable for what is known as Level 1 or Level 2 charging. This means, in most cases, all AC chargers use the same sort of cable.

This means you should be able to plug your car into any publicly available charger to top up.

How long does EV charging take?

It’s no secret that recharging an electric car takes longer than refuelling at a petrol pump. The flip side to this is a charger doesn’t need to be on a forecourt meaning you can connect your car to a charger and do something else to pass the time.

Charging takes varying times depending on your car and the type of charge you’re doing. A full charge can take several hours and is the sort of thing you leave overnight. When you’re parking and using a public charger, that tends to be what’s called a top-up charge. Not a full charge but enough to get you the rest of the way on your journey.

Do I need an EV charging app?

Apps are a fantastic way for different charging providers and EV manufacturers to help their customers manage, pay for, and track their charging and even reward loyalty. They aren’t always necessary to be able to charge.

For example, our Evology chargers don’t need an app. We use a Tap&Go system like you might see on mass transit systems like the London Underground. This is much quicker and easier to use. You simply plug your EV in, tap your card to start charging and away you go.

Where can I charge my EV?

You can charge your EV anywhere there’s a charger in theory. Car parks are adding EV chargers at an increasing rate to cope with demand.

Whenever you’re planning a trip, you need to consider where you might need to recharge during your journey. You may need plan your route around where there are chargers. This might change your route in certain situations. Keeping in mind that you don’t necessarily have to stop at a motorway services. The beauty of EV charging points is they can be anywhere. A stop during the day for lunch or to visit an attraction might be a much more refreshing and relaxing way to have a break.

What problems do EV chargers have?

There are a couple of issues that can impact EV chargers. Older infrastructure can start to develop issues with reliability, meaning that in some cases, you might find an available charger only to find out that it is out of order. That doesn’t help ease range anxiety.

The other issue might be that the EV space you need is blocked by another motorist who isn’t driving an electric car. These sorts of issues are annoying, stopping you from being able to recharge and even causing complaints for the people who own the car park to deal with.

Our Evology chargers are devised to get rid of these issues. Each charger is monitored 24/7 to ensure everything is working as it should and is ready to be used. If there is an issue, we are able to repair it quickly. We also house an ANPR camera inside each charger to ensure that the only vehicles parking in a charging space are the ones that are supposed to be there.

These changes to how EV chargers would normally operate help make Evology chargers more dependable and readily available.

Woman plugging in her electric vehicle
Woman operating an electric car

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