Autopay FAQs

  • How do I cancel my account with Evology Autopay?
    You can cancel your account by completing the contact form, ensuring you detail your desire to cancel your Evology Autopay account. Our Customer Services team will aim to complete your cancellation request within 5 working days.

    Contact form available here
  • Do you provide receipts and statements?
    Yes, the SMS text message confirming your parking stay acts as your receipt, as do the email confirmations and receipts and statements can also printed off or exported through your account when you login.

    Login here
  • How do I know how much parking has cost?
    If you choose to receive SMS messages from us then after each parking stay you will receive an SMS text which will confirm your stay and the amount which will be debited. You can also receive email notifications for each parking stay and monthly email statements. You can also view all your activities and payments by logging into your account.

    Login to you account here
  • In addition to the parking charges, are there any other charges for using Evology Autopay?
    In addition to the parking charges, where applicable, a Billing Processing Fee may be incurred, and an SMS Notification Fee may be applicable if you’ve opted to receive SMS alerts.
  • Can I register more than one vehicle for an Evology Autopay account?
    Yes you can. You are able to register up to four vehicles under one account with Evology Autopay.
  • How will you take payment from me?
    You have a number of choices for making payment. You can set up your account so that payments for each stay are debited automatically using your card details. Or, you can create a top-up account whereby you put an amount of money into your account from which payments are taken each time you park. If you choose top-up, you have the options of automatically topping-up your account to maintain a specified balance, or automatically topping-up by a specified amount, or manually topping-up.
  • What details will be needed from me?
    The registration process is easy and straightforward. We will need a few details from you in order to make the system work and to enable your payments for parking to be debited automatically. The details will include name, address, phone number (so you can receive text alerts about your parking stays), car number plate (VRM), payment preferences and card details.
  • How does the system work?
    Register for the service and when you drive your registered vehicle into an Evology Autopay car park the cameras will recognise your number plate. When you return to your vehicle and drive out of the car park the cameras will again recognise your number plate. The system records the time that you arrived at the car park and the time that you left.

    The Car Park Operator will calculate the payment that is due for your parking stay and ask Evology Autopay to debit the amount from your account. You can choose to receive automated SMS and email messages which will confirm individual payments for parking and can provide monthly statements of activities.
  • How long does it take for a parking fee to be deducted from my Evology Autopay account?
    Your account will usually be debited within 72 hours of parking at an Evology Autopay car park.
  • When will I start being billed for my parking once I have registered with Evology Autopay?
    As a customer of Evology Autopay, your first parking event will be free. You will start being charged for your parking from your 2nd stay onwards at any Evology Autopay car park.
  • What is Evology Autopay?
    Evology Autopay is simply a rebranded version of good2go. The features all remain the same, we have just given good2go a new look and a new name.  All funds in your account will remain and the website will work in the same way.

    You can also access your Evology Autopay account through our new Evology Parking app, which can be downloaded in the Apple App or Google Play stores.