Getting ready for the future of motoring

It’s no secret that the world is changing, with huge steps being taken to transform how people interact with the world around them. This is having a massive impact on all aspects of life, from the products we buy, to how we generate energy and even how we travel around.

Some of these changes can initially sound intimidating, especially if they’re going against the habit of a lifetime.

When it comes to driving, the gradual move towards electric vehicles is picking up pace, but what do businesses and their customers need to be mindful of to get ready for the future?

Electric cars becoming the norm

One of the biggest changes to the way we travel is coming in 2030 but will likely be felt much sooner. At the end of the decade, the sale of new petrol and diesel cars is stopping. This means from 2030 onwards you will only be able to buy electric cars, or potentially other ultra-low emission alternatives.

Over the next few years electric vehicles will see a major increase in numbers. For motorists and the public, this means thinking about adapting how you drive and plan journeys. Some habits will need to change; for example, recharging a vehicle’s battery takes longer than visiting a petrol station and filling up a tank. Other than charging at home your trip planning needs to consider being able to top up your vehicle’s battery throughout your journey.

For businesses, the focus is on infrastructure. With an estimated 9 million more electric vehicles on the roads by 2030, there needs to be more charging readily available. This shouldn’t be limited to driveways and service stations; motorists need to be able to top up their battery in a convenient location. Car parks are perfect for this. There are already electric charging bays popping up nationwide, but there needs to be more done to ensure there’s enough space available, and enough reliable charging for people to be confident enough to make the switch over to electric.

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Somewhere to charge

Charging spaces are going to be crucial, not just for planning journeys as previously mentioned. They also need to be easy to use, reliable and accessible.

Currently, EV charging bays are a lot like parent and child and other accessible bays. They exist on car parks but can often be prone to abuse. If those bays are misused, they may as well not be there as the convenience and support they provide is being wasted.

Being unable to access a charging bay is a nightmare scenario when you’re trying to recharge a battery, the anxiety is the last thing someone needs at the end of a journey. Thankfully, we’ve created a way to give motorists peace of mind and help businesses make sure their charging bays are used by people who genuinely need them.

Adapting driving habits

Making big changes to the way you drive or trying to change the ways you approach getting around might sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be.

Recharging an electric vehicle is as simple as plugging in a charger and waiting. While this may take longer than refuelling at a petrol station, topping up your vehicle’s battery can be done whilst you do something else, like visiting a restaurant or shopping.

How you manage and pay for charging should be simple too. With our charging stations, we use a Tap and Go system, similar to those you might have seen on subways. You simply tap your card on the reader attached to the charging station to get started. Then when you return, tap your card again to stop charging and process your payment. It couldn’t be any simpler and allows you to get on with the rest of your day.

By removing the complexity from EV charging and it being something you can walk away from (unlike filling up a petrol tank) you’re able to multi-task making recharging more convenient. Other driving habits need to also adapt, like you would on previous journeys be aware of any petrol stations along your way it’s important to be aware of where charging stations are when you’re planning a trip. While the infrastructure for electric vehicles is still developing it’s important to make sure you don’t get caught out by a lack of chargers.

Apps, pre-booking services and even sat navs can tell you where nearby chargers are, which can be a useful tool when looking for somewhere to stay on a road trip or when deciding exactly where to park.

Helping you get ready for the future

Evology was created with motorists in mind, to help make the transition to the future of motoring as easy and seamless as possible. Whether that’s helping a business to put the right infrastructure in place or providing tools to give people access to charging points that are reliable and convenient to use.

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