Going further than you think – what reduces range?

The range of an EV is important, many cars are rated, or even prized, for the distance they can cover on a single charge.

Everyone wants to get as much from their car as they possibly can, so making sure your range stays high is key.

There are several things EV drivers need to be aware of that can impact range, and taking steps to counteract them helps you get further than you might think. Some of them benefit all drivers, helping you get further on a single tank of fuel or before needing to top up your battery and can be useful tricks to help keep any potential range anxiety at bay.

Keeping the heating on high

Anything in your car that draws energy is going to impact the range. In winter particularly you might notice that the range on your EV is reduced when you have the heaters running, especially if you have them running full blast to counteract the cold.

You could try warming yourself instead of the car; an extra layer while you’re driving means you can turn the heating down and get a bit more range out of your EV. The other option is to keep the car plugged in on cold mornings while you de-ice. Use the heater while the car’s plugged in to get the inside nice and warm without worrying about the hit to your range, then turn it off, or don’t run it as high, while you drive.

Carrying too much weight

Like anything else that moves, carrying too much weight impacts performance. If your car is overloaded, for example when you’re trying to make one trip to the tip, it can directly impact your range as everything has to work harder to move the extra load.

Try to avoid overloading your car, when possible, it doesn’t just impact the range a vehicle has, but also increases wear and tear on the suspension, brakes, and tyres, which means you might also find your maintenance costs creeping up too.

If you can’t avoid travelling with the extra weight, like when you go on holiday, make sure to plan your route to schedule additional top-up charges.

Take care of your tyres

Your tyres are important, they should be kept in good condition from a safety standpoint anyway, but better tyres with more contact with the road and better traction, can improve range by helping your car transfer power more efficiently and effectively.

You should always keep an eye on your tyres, but it’s important to check them for wear and that they are at the right pressure before you go on a longer trip. This can help make your car perform better and reduce the impact on your range.

Cutting back on tech

EV’s are brimming with lots of fancy pieces of technology to help make you more comfortable, keep you entertained and help make your journey easier.

The downside is all that technology needs to be powered by something. If you have everything running all the time, it’s only natural that you’re going to see an impact on your range. Try looking at the tech you’re using when you drive, is it all necessary?

Turning off some of the optional extras like the sat nav, or not using them all the time on a trip, can help you get a little bit more range from your EV.



Making your journeys easier

Taking the time to look at how you use your EV and making some easy tweaks to your journey can extend the range you get in a single charge.

We want to help drivers across the UK make their trips easier, and our range of fast and dependable EV chargers is only the first step in how we do this.

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