Halloween Destinations in the UK

It’s spooky season! Which means it’s time to embrace all things weird, wonderful, and witchy.

One of the best things to do during the Halloween period is to get a group of friends and go and do something a bit scary.

The thing with Halloweeny (is that even a word?) things, is that you’re often spoiled for choice. Whether that’s scary films, costumes, or choice of sweets for trick or treating.

Thankfully we’re here with some inspiration for things to do around the UK.

Scream Parks

Just outside Blackburn in Lancashire, Scare Kingdom is a “scream park”. Think like a haunted house, on a bigger scale, with live actors, people chasing you and a sense of being in your own personal horror film.

But you can also watch live music, get something to eat and generally have a lovely time when you aren’t terrified with your friends in a horror-themed maze.

There are other sites like this around the UK, some pop up seasonally and some are around all year round.

Around Halloween, when it’s darker and generally spookier anyway, the atmosphere in places like this is so much better. This is a great night out with your mates, especially if you can follow up it up with something a bit more relaxing afterwards to give the adrenaline a chance to wear off.



a haunted house decorated and lit up for halloween ghost


Whitby is a fantastic place to visit at any time of year, full of quirky shops, cafes, and things to do. Because the seaside town features so heavily in some of the iconic scenes of Bram Stoker’s Dracula the town has fully embraced its horror side.

The ruins of Whitby Abbey were a major inspiration when the book was being written and they’re one of those places that looks haunted. Throughout the year there are events retelling the story of Count Dracula set around the ruins of the abbey, but around Halloween, things get a bit fancier.

The Abbey is lit up at night, and the re-enactments happen after dark, giving the whole thing a spookier edge. This is a fantastic way to have a bit of a cultured Halloween (you’re watching a play after all)


Whitby Abbey halloween castle


Across the UK there are places you can go to look at some of the more gruesome and horrible bits of history. If you’re a fan of that sort of thing delving into the country’s past could be a fun way to spend a bit of your Halloween.

Whether you’re in Blackpool, Edinburgh, York, or London there’s a Dungeon you can visit and get an interactive look at how people lived, all with a definite horror slant to it.

This could be a fun way to spend a day out with the family or with a group of friends, you can be terrified and maybe learn something in the process, which kind of makes the fear OK, kind of.

Ghost Walks & Tours


Some people aren’t as into the more intense or involved Halloween stuff, that’s understandable. So, what about something a little bit more sedate?

Ghost walks and tours are something that can be a lot more relaxed and give you a new way to explore a town or city. If you’re visiting a town, or you live somewhere like York, that’s allegedly one of the UK’s more haunted cities, a ghost tour could be a great way to learn something about the place and where those urban legends have come from.

This is another event that depending on the time it happens and the stories around some of the ghosts (check beforehand if you can, some of the reasons for the ghosts being around might not be suitable for little ones) could be a nice family night out.

York Shambles at night cobweb

Drive-in Films

It might seem old-fashioned, but a drive-in was one of the best ways to watch films back in the day.

In the UK there are lots of places you can watch films in the fresh air or sat in your car. Some companies even tour around with specific films. This could be anything from classic old horror films to something more modern.

If you’re looking for a fun family alternative to trick or treating, you could head to one of the locations around the UK that Open Air Cinema are visiting and watch Hocus Pocus.





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