How easy is pre-booking parking?

Whenever you’re planning a trip in the car, one of the first things you should look at when it comes to your destination is what the parking is like. How easy is it to park? Is there parking near where you want to go?

These are the sort of questions you should ask. Then you should look at how to make your parking as easy as possible to help cut down on the stress that comes from driving. One way to make the end of a journey much easier is to pre-book a parking space.

But how easy does it actually make a journey?


Why do you need to pre-book?

It’s always a good idea to have a clear destination in mind, a postcode to drop into your sat nav and somewhere you know you can park.

Pre-booking gives you all of these. Meaning whether you’re going to an event, on holiday or an important business meeting you can arrive at a destination on time and with parking taken care of.

Taking a couple of minutes to search for your parking before you set off makes planning a drive a lot easier. There’s no more hunting for somewhere to park or hoping a car park has everything you need. You can find it all in advance. Pre-booking also means that you make life easier for yourself at the other end of the trip too, there’s less faffing about on a car park and more being able to get on with whatever you’ve got planned.


How do you do it?

The process for pre-booking is simple.

First, you search for parking near to the location you’d like to visit. Ideally, loads of locations pop up and you’re spoiled for choice; you then pick the one that’s easiest to get to or has the facilities you need (think EV charging, better accessibility, etc).

After that, you set the date you’d like to book a space for and how long you’ll be on the car park. Some car parks might let you stay for multiple days, perfect for weekends away, business trips, weddings, etc.

Then, when you confirm your booking, you also pay for your parking. That’s it. The entire process can be done in seconds and means you’re ready to hit the road.

van in parking space

Then what?

You just drive to the car park you’ve pre-booked with and park up. Then when it’s time to go, you leave.

There’s nothing else. Your whole stay is taken care of.

Your car is recognised by an ANPR camera when you arrive for the start of your booking, and then the same cameras recognise your vehicle when it leaves. As long as you don’t overstay, there’s nothing else to worry about other than enjoying your destination.

We’ve created an app to help you pre-book your parking, making your trip planning easier, helping you get from A to B without worrying about queues or having the correct change.

Check out and download our Evology Parking app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.