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We’re delighted to announce that we have teamed up with NHS Charities Together as our official charities partner.

Who are NHS Charities Together?

NHS Charities Together is the national independent charity that helps to support the NHS, working with and
providing funding to over 230 charities across the UK.

These charities provide support in a variety of ways, working with communities, ambulance trusts and mental
health trusts to help take care of patients, volunteers, and NHS staff.

This invaluable support and funding help keep the NHS working and is committed to providing the support that
helps make the NHS better and able to help even more people.


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Working together

As one of NHS Charities Together’s corporate partners, we’re doing what we can
to support such a worthwhile cause through what we’re good at. Helping you to park.



Our Evology Parking app now allows you to round up the cost of your parking to the nearest pound and donate this directly to the charity. It only takes a second and it really makes a huge difference.






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We also have new charity donation bins on car parks across the UK, allowing people to donate clothes to charity with all the funds raised going straight to NHS Charities Together.

NHS Charities Together Charity clothing bank

How can you get involved?

One of the easiest ways to help is simply by using the app and rounding up the cost of your parking.

The other is simply having a clear-out if you’re thinking about a new wardrobe or looking at clothes
you aren’t going to wear anymore.

Giving yourself more space or simply tapping a button can do a world of good for other people.

You can learn more about NHS Charities Together here and to keep up to date with everything else
we’re planning to help raise money keep an eye on our social media.