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Whether you want to pre-book your parking space or simply want to find a reliable pay and display space in a busy area, we have stress-free parking in Nottingham covered.

Alongside thousands of car parking spaces, we are also building a reliable EV network, so no matter what vehicle you are driving, parking in Nottingham doesn’t get any easier than this.

Hello Nottingham

Whether you’re chasing the legend of one of the UK’s most infamous outlaws, taking in some shopping amongst stunning Victorian architecture or heading to some sort of sporting event, Nottingham has everything you need for a fabulous few days away.

Located right in the heart of the Midlands, just 110 miles from London, Nottingham is packed with things to do. Home to loads of sports, with multiple football teams, cricket grounds, and more. It’s also a city that understands its rich past, from the stories around Robin Hood to the cave network that runs under part of the city and its castle.

Whether you’re exploring, working, or meeting up with friends, Nottingham has tonnes to offer.






Parking in Nottingham

Top 5 things to do in Nottingham

1. Sherwood Forest – Just outside Nottingham is one of the UK’s most famous forests. Home to sites from across the various tales of Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest is a stunning place to wander around.

2. Lace Market – These fantastic Victorian buildings are filled with bars, restaurants, and shops, perfect for spending a day indulging in some retail therapy or catching up with friends.

3. Nottingham Castle – Very few Robin Hood stories end without some sort of climax at a castle. So why not visit the one that inspired them?

4. Trent Bridge – One of the UK’s most well-known cricket grounds, Trent Bridge is home to a fantastic atmosphere whether you’re there for a gig, a test match or a one-day tournament.

5. Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem – Allegedly one of the UK’s oldest pubs, dating back to the 1100’s this is one of the quirkiest places to grab a pint as it’s partially built into the cave network that runs under Nottingham Castle.

Parking in Nottingham

Finding somewhere to park in a busy city can be difficult, especially when you’re competing for space with workers, visitors, students and everyone else going about their day.

There might be plenty of parking available, but during busy periods those spaces fill up quickly. This means you either have to go elsewhere or potentially pay over the odds for parking.

Finding somewhere to park, and somewhere affordable are very different things, with city centre parking being notoriously pricey across the UK, not just in Nottingham. Luckily, we can help.

Using our Evology Parking app we can help you easily find secure, affordable parking across the city.






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Electric vehicle charging points in Nottingham

EV charging is must-have for cities, especially as the way many of us travel switches to electric.

We’re bringing the future of EV charging to Nottingham – making it easy for you to find our chargers, plug-in and pay. Our Evology charging network consists of a range of destination chargers meaning you can enjoy your visit to the city whilst easily charging your car.

  • Locate EV chargers across Nottingham
  • Check the cost of charging in advance
  • Easily pay for your charge session
  • View charging progress whilst on the move

Disabled parking in Nottingham

Sometimes it can be difficult to find parking spaces that fit your specific requirements. Nottingham offers several accessible parking options, including priority parking for Blue-Badge holders.

The Evology parking app can show you all the details for our car parks and check not only for accessible parking but also which sites have accessible facilities on site or nearby.

You can use the app to pre-book your parking space too, taking some of the stress out of travelling and finding somewhere to park.





Public transport in Nottingham

Nottingham is also home to some fabulous public transport links. Trains run in and out of the city all day, with London not that far away. But, if you want to drive in, one trick to beat the busy inner-city traffic is to park further out and hop on a bus or make use of the city’s growing tram network.






Train station Nottingham

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