Top Tips for Using Your EV in Winter

The colder months change driving conditions for everyone. From dealing with rubbish weather and driving more at night, to the impact the cold has on a car, you need to be able to adapt.

If you’ve yet to drive an EV in winter, you’ve recently made the jump to electric or you just want an idea of what to expect, we’ve pulled together some top tips to help you stay on the road and driving safely this winter.

Keep an eye on your battery

When it’s cold your battery can be less efficient, leaving you at increased risk of running out of power at the worst possible moment. Some EV cars have a pre-warming function. This heats up the car, including the battery, at a time you set. It’s often used in winter to help clear windscreens etc before you set off in the morning.

This can help get your car up to temperature and working at its best before you set off. This is absolutely something to do while your car is plugged in however to avoid draining your battery more than you need to.

You might also need to plan journeys, particularly longer ones, around more frequent breaks to top up your battery. Just keep this in mind when route planning or giving yourself additional time to reach your destination.

Make sure your winter car kit is ready

All cars should have a winter emergency kit. A simple put-together box with everything you should need to cope with an emergency or stay safe and comfortable while you wait for help to arrive.

These are all simple items to get hold of, such as torches, blankets, snacks and first aid kits, but they’re invaluable in an emergency, especially if you’re stuck in terrible weather and don’t know how long it will be until you get rescued.

If you want to know more about what should be in your winter car kit you can find out in our blog here.

Be more energy efficient

The cold impacts every vehicle and affects performance. With an EV you might notice your battery drains a bit faster because of the cold which means you might need to be more energy-savvy while you drive.

Don’t leave the heaters running for long periods of time or use more energy efficient options like heating your seats. You should also make use of regenerative breaking whenever you can. Not only does it help keep you safer on the road, but it also helps to add power back to the car, perfect for keeping you going for longer.



Use the technology at your disposal

Consider using the ECO modes on your car in winter, they help keep energy consumption to a minimum and can help a battery charge to last longer. These modes are designed to conserve power, which also helps to avoid any sudden bursts of acceleration that can be disastrous on icy roads.

The ECO mode on many electric cars also helps restrict the power to other areas of your car, making our other tips like using the heating less much easier to achieve.

Driving in winter needs more care and attention but taking the time to change a few driving habits and make sure you’re planning and prepared can help make sure you’re safe, and efficient and get where you need to go without any problems.

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