What do you need to know about EV parking?

Electric vehicles, or EVs, are an increasingly common sight on the roads. Every car manufacturer seemingly provides an electric version of their most popular vehicles, and by 2030 the only new cars available for purchase will be electric.

For anyone buying an electric car for the first time, there will be a definite change in how you plan journeys and approach your parking.

Why is EV becoming more popular?

The idea behind electric vehicles is to protect the environment. As more countries commit to reducing their reliance on fossil fuels and reducing their environmental impact, new ways of living need to be implemented. People need cars, so a more environmentally sound way of travelling is needed.

Over the years, hybrids and other alternative fuel types have been developed and have grown in use, but fully electric vehicles have advanced quickly over the last few years and are growing in popularity because of the technology, and design features they carry which you rarely see in conventional petrol vehicles.

How is parking an electric car any different?

For the most part, an electric car is the same as any other car. The only real difference is that on car parks that have them, you get access to their specific EV charging bays where you can park and plug in your car. You might not always need to use them depending on the level of charge on your vehicle, but it’s always a good idea to look at where you can recharge while you’re on the road.

Changing how you treat ‘refuelling’

Charging an electric vehicle takes longer than filling up at a petrol pump. The time it takes to recharge can vary depending on the vehicle. More often than not recharging in a car park (unless it’s an overnight stay) is going to be a top-up charge as opposed to completely refilling your battery.

This means you need to account for more time when stopping off on journeys. For example, a quick dash into a service station might now be a longer stop-off or see you visit somewhere else on your way to a final destination. Previously a road trip somewhere might have been a 10-minute stop to refuel and grab a coffee. Now it might mean you can park up at an attraction or explore a new town for a while before you get underway with the rest of your journey.

Why finding the right space is important

Not being tied to a petrol station raises a different issue when it comes to topping up your battery. When you’re out and about, you need to be able to find a place to recharge. Most modern electric cars have on-board sat-navs that can guide you to available chargers. Many pre-booking apps can help you to search for charging spaces too.

Problems can arise when you arrive at a busy car park and need to recharge, only to find a petrol vehicle in the space set aside, specifically to let you plug in your car. This can be stressful, especially when your vehicle is in desperate need of a top-up. It can also be a problem for the destination. Nobody likes having to deal with a parking complaint, even if the annoyance is valid.

How does protecting a charging space benefit you?

Evology Chargers work differently. Each charger houses ANPR technology which allows a space to be protected, keeping them free from abuse and available for actual drivers of electric cars.

As well as access to fast and effective charging, this means more convenience for you. Our charging stations also use tap and go technology, which means if you’re in a rush, you can simply plug your car in, tap your card to start charging and then tap again when you get back to stop charging.

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