What is ICEing?

Driving an EV is fantastic, but there’s one really annoying problem that currently goes hand in hand with going electric.

Other people.

Specifically, people that park in EV charging bays when they don’t drive an electric car. This is known as ICEing.

The ICE in ICEing refers to the internal combustion engine, petrol and diesel-powered machinery that blocks up charging spaces and “freezes” out EV drivers.

So, annoying inconvenience aside, what can be done about it?

Why does ICEing get such a frosty reception?

Picture the scene; you’re happily driving around, minding your own business, when you notice you might need a bit of a top-up charge. Charging apps or your sat-nav shows you that there’s somewhere to plug in nearby, so away you go, only to find that someone has parked a petrol-powered car in the way and you can’t get at the charger. It’s like when someone blocks multiple petrol pumps on a forecourt because they’re chatting with someone when you’re in a rush.

Now, you’re still in need of a charge, and you’ve used some of your remaining range to get to that charger, which you can’t use. This does nothing to help you or the poor person running the car park to whom you’re now complaining too. Frustrations are high, especially if you’re worried about your range and there’s not much you can do about it. ICEing stops range anxiety from becoming a thing of the past, which is why it’s so infuriating.

It heaps needless frustration on multiple people, and it honestly feels a bit selfish. Like when you see people using parent and child bays when they don’t need to.

It’s also annoying for the people who run car parks, it stops people from using the chargers they’ve invested in and means they aren’t getting the proper use from them. This costs them money; plus, time their staff might not have to waste on tracking down a motorist who has parked where they shouldn’t.

Fighting back

We felt like this was an issue that wasn’t being properly addressed and more needed to be done about it. That’s why we ensure that people who use our chargers don’t ever need to worry about ICEing.

Your car’s numberplate provides a lot of information, not just when and where a vehicle was registered, but also the model type, and most importantly how it’s fuelled. This information lets us double-check the vehicles using our chargers and makes sure they are supposed to be there.

By putting a camera in our Evology charger, we’re able to monitor EV parking spaces, protecting them by having a built-in deterrent. The idea being it makes people think more carefully about where they park and, in the process, keeps the space free; for people who would legitimately need to park there.

Helping you recharge in peace

Our chargers provide fast, reliable charging for EV drivers, with our spaces protected from ICEing, as well as 24/7 monitoring to make sure they’re always working and available.

At Evology, our goal is to provide the technology, tips, and know-how to help make your journeys easier.

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