What’s the best way to pay for parking?

We’ve all been there, standing on a car park looking for a payment kiosk or wondering how much it’s going to cost to park on top of everything else you have planned for a trip somewhere.

There’s nothing worse than being cold, tired, and wanting to get in your car and go home, but you’ve got to queue up and scramble for change to pay for your parking.

Thankfully, there’s a much better way of doing things. In fact, with Evology Pay, there are several.

But which one’s best?

Is there a right way to pay?

The way people in the UK pay for parking has moved beyond putting change in a machine and sticking a ticket to their windscreen.

There are now multiple ways to pay for parking, including:

Contactless payments

Paying by card using a terminal – super fast and super easy .


Applying for parking in a specific location for a set amount of time, think like paying for a term on a college car park for example.


Arranging your parking in advance and paying for it ahead of time.

Mobile payments

Removing payment terminals from the equation and letting you pay for your parking using an app or website you access on your phone.


Where you register with a car park and can drive in and out of without having to do anything else, your payment is processed automatically.

Online payments

Perfect if you’re in a rush as you have up to 24 hours to use an online portal to pay for your parking

Variety is the spice of life

So, which is the best way to pay for your parking out of all those options?

That depends entirely on the situation you find yourself in when it comes to paying for parking or planning a trip. What’s important is that you have choices.

The more options that there are for paying for parking the easier it becomes to manage.

Your choice can be made by your circumstances at any given time, the weather, or even how comfortable you are with different levels of technology. The flexibility is what matters because it allows you to park in the way that suits you.

This might be paying by phone when you aren’t sure how long you need to park for, as you’re able to extend your stay using the app or using Pre-Booking when you’re planning a day trip somewhere. Flexibility helps make sure you can always pay for your parking, regardless of the situation, and helps protect you from accidentally breaking the rules on a car park.

Making paying for parking a piece of cake

We’ve taken all these different ways for you to be able to sort out your parking and brought them under one umbrella.

Evology Pay lets us provide car parks with multiple payment options, which in turn gives you more choice on how you manage your parking.

For more information on the different ways you can pay for parking and make your trips easier check out our Evology Pay page or follow us on social media.