Why its never been easier to pay for parking

Paying for parking is one of those common events that caps off the end of a journey. You’ve arrived at your destination, the car’s somewhere safe and now you can get on with the rest of your day.

The annoying bit used to be standing in a queue, possibly in the rain, only to find the machine didn’t give change, or that it would stubbornly refuse to accept that last 50p.

After feeding the same coin into a payment machine for the thousandth time you start to get a bit fed up. Thankfully, the way we pay for parking has changed for the better.

More choice

The days of waiting in the rain for a ticket to stick on your windscreen are long gone. Now you’ve got a choice when it comes to paying for your parking:

  1. Contactless

  2. Apps

  3. Pre-booking

  4. Online Payment

Having choice is great, it lets you handle your parking in the way that suits you. Say you’re having a bad day; you leave your bank card at home and only realise when you get back to the car after work and need to pay for your parking. Normally you’d make a quick contactless payment and be on your way.

Instead of panicking the range of options works to your benefit, for instance, an online portal can let you pay for your parking up to 24 hours after you’ve left. So, you can get home and take care of your parking later.

Choice doesn’t just help when you have an emergency either, it helps to make sure you always have a payment option just in case something stops working. It’s peace of mind for the people who own the car park and for you because you know your parking is sorted and you avoid a parking ticket.

No queues

Does anyone like standing in a queue?

Having choices on how you pay lets you skip or avoid queues on a car park altogether.

Dodging queues speeds everything up. Whether that’s being able to set off home a bit sooner after work or being able to start exploring or enjoying your stay on a daytrip somewhere.

Many modern paid parking services put paying and managing your parking in the palm of your hand. This lets you fold paying for parking into the rest of your journey instead of having to make a detour to a pay station or a terminal.

Tie your parking into your planning

Being more efficient when you arrive at a car park is one thing, but what about taking care of your parking before you even set off?

Planning any trip, whether that’s working out the route for commuting or a day out somewhere, can be stressful. The last thing you want at the end of a journey is any extra stress. Looking for available space for pre-booking in an area can help make life easier.

The process is easy, find a space online, arrange when you’d like to use it and for how long, pay for it, then turn up.

Having a paid for parking space as a destination takes the stress of looking for parking out of a trip. If you’re travelling with kids, or somewhere unfamiliar this is a great way to make life easier for yourself.

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